If you’re new to Cruxpoint, begin your journey by attending one of our single-day Wake Up & Take Charge events. Once you complete this, you will be equipped to attend The Breakthrough Seminar, our three-day intensive.

The Wake Up & Take Charge Event

August 24, 2019



The Cruxpoint Offices

3825 Iris Avenue, Suite #100

Boulder, CO 80301

The Wake Up & Take Charge Event

September 21, 2019




The Wake Up & Take Charge Event

October 12, 2019




Only register for The Breakthrough Seminar if you have attended a Wake Up & Take Charge event.

The Breakthrough Seminar

November 1-3, 2019

Westminster, CO




Huge thank you to our generous sponsors!

Black Diamond Benefits LLC

A Boulder-based employee benefits brokerage firm representing Colorado employers and individuals across all lines of health and welfare coverage.

Bobo's Oat Bars

Simple, wholesome ingredients, small batches, and made-by-hand love have made these oat bars a Boulder, CO (and beyond) favorite.

Front Range Preventative Imaging

Saving lives through early diagnosis of disease. Their state-of-the-art scanning procedures and exceptional staff find heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and colon cancer at their early stages – when treatment options have the best chance for success.


A chef-owned food delivery and catering company that helps people be healthy in mind and body and maintain a healthy planet. They are champions of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and humanely raised meats, no matter the dietary need.


Baked snacks to help get you off the sugar-and-carb roller coaster. Satisfy your appetite with protein, fiber, and balanced fats baked into easy-to-grab cakes that are bursting with flavor.

Eat 100 Foods

Chef Karin Eckert is able to help others feel amazing and heal their bodies with her personal chef services. Sit back and let her do the work filling your fridge with delicious, real-food meals each week.

Graz Grub Jerky

Lifetime-grazed, 100% grass-fed protein, holistically raised on small family farms that practice regenerative agriculture.

Keto Mojo

A ketone and blood glucose monitoring system that's FDA-approved. The Keto-Mojo meter is designed to give you a better picture of your metabolic state and level of ketosis.

Mountain Sky Coffee

Dedicated to making your daily cup the best it can possibly be. Their organic, ethically sourced coffee comes to life through a roasting and delivery process that maximizes the health benefits of the bean.


Bringing healthy, organic, and regeneratively farmed cacao to the world while curating sustainable economic partnerships with farmers throughout Ecuador and Colombia.

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Reverse-osmosis purified carbonated water + natural flavors. And by natural, they mean flavors that contain zero synthetic ingredients. This top-shelf sparkling water is also free of sugar, sweeteners, sodium, and other additives.

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