About the Breakthrough Seminar

This three-day (formerly four days) seminar unmasks the lifestyle choices that lead to chronic disease. Using The Cruxpoint MethodTM, Gary V. Koyen, PhD and his team will equip and empower you with the tools, resources, and support you need to take ownership of your health and lifestyle so you can live with more vitality and fulfillment.

"My job is to blow up the status quo in the most positive way possible."
Gary V. Koyen, PhD
CEO and Founder of the The Cruxpoint MethodTM

Sample agenda:

  • The “New Normal”: Premature and unnecessary misery, disease, and death
  • Living a life of purpose, meaning, and commitment
  • Profound personal responsibility: Part 1
  • Living awake vs. sleepwalking through life
  • The Big Six: Essentials for health, vitality, and quality of life
  • Diet wars
  • What’s really behind cardiovascular disease
  • Engine warning lights
  • Living a life of commitment in a community of commitment
  • The health and medical “sickcare” system
  • The truth about chronic diseases
  • Physical competence
  • Profound personal responsibility: Part 2
  • Claiming your personal power in life
  • The Cruxpoint 45-Day Breakthrough Diet
  • Character is everything
  • The biochemistry of modern living
  • High stress, low rest
  • Choosing your path to your life, Part 1
  • The “No B.S.” model of how life actually works
  • Living and finishing life contended and fulfilled
  • The truth about obesity and being overweight
  • Goals and processes for success
  • Building your personal health breakthrough community
  • The truth about autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases
  • Finding your path to your life: Part 2
  • Legitimate pride
  • Sleepwalking vs. living mindfully
  • Being certain of success
  • Harnessing intention
  • The very big and very unnecessary killer
  • The truth about heart disease
  • Your strategy, roadmap, and plan
  • Re-entry preparation
  • “My Sanctuary”
  • Closing

Content may change from seminar to seminar. This outline is intended only to give a preview of what you can expect.