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Protect your heart, protect your life. We’ve found that when we keep the focus on heart disease, we’re able to positively affect virtually every disease pattern. Read the stories for yourself. Almost none of the treatment protocols which are standardized at Cruxpoint are used in a typical medical or cardiological practice.

These proven Cruxpoint methods have helped our patients halt and reverse heart disease… and more: 

Reduce, dampen, and eliminate inflammation

Correct nutritional deficiencies

Correct imbalances and dysregulation in various bodily systems

Cause bodily systems to run more optimally

Patient Stories

I had my first heart scan following the sudden death of my brother who was just 51 years old. I had a family history of heart disease and, even though I thought I was healthy, my brother’s death scared me into getting the heart scan.

My scan showed a positive calcium score which meant I had plaque in my arteries. In other words, I had heart disease too. My calcium score increased over time. When it did, my health program was adjusted to address my specific issues until we tailored the perfect program for me.

How did I know it was the perfect program for me? Because my next heart scan showed no further progression of plaque which meant I had stopped my heart disease! I was elated!

Then, early one August day, my extremely healthy, fit, slender, former marathon runner husband died of a sudden heart attack. He had walked his usual 6 daily miles that day. He had no symptoms. He was always the picture of health. There was no family history. He just came home, sat down, and died.

We learned that his arteries were badly calcified even though his cholesterol and blood pressure had always been perfectly normal. He had zero Framingham risk factors. There was no reason to think there was any problem. How could this have happened to him? I am still absorbing the shock and terrible loss.

If he had just had a heart scan, the plaque would have been evident and his life would have been saved. But there was “no reason” for him to have a scan. He was so “healthy.” Getting a heart scan did not have any sense of urgency for him. Now he’s gone.

Get a Heart Scan
Since my husband’s death, I have made it my personal mission to talk to people about heart scans. I am amazed at how little people know about the scans. This is a simple, non-invasive test that can be performed over a lunch hour. It takes about 20 minutes.

We know the value of routine mammograms and colonoscopies as screening tools to maintain good health. We have seen the incidence of deaths from these diseases decline. At the very least, a baseline heart scan for everyone in the age category must also be added. Unfortunately, insurance companies usually will not pay for heart scans. They can have a wide range in cost, from about $75 to over $400.

I would gladly have paid much, much more.

Lisa looked like a very healthy mother of 2 at age 49. Actually, she was a physician’s dream: low cholesterol, low blood pressure, great weight and diet; all far below national guidelines. Except for her mother’s heart disease at age 70, Lisa, herself, had no risk factors. Then Lisa decided to use her gift certificate for an EBT Heart Scan. Her calcium score was 264. This score meant that, left untreated, Lisa was going to have a heart attack, the only question was when. Further tests showed a 95% blockage in her major coronary artery that required 2 stents to open it. 

The second heart scan
For the next year, Lisa closely followed her treatment regimen. Her cholesterol and blood pressure got even better, even further below the national suggested guidelines. At her her second EBT heart scan, Lisa found out that her calcium score had risen by 21%. This meant Lisa’s body was still laying down dangerous amounts of plaque in her artiers. Despite her great lab results and the 2 stents, Lisa was still at risk for a coronary event. Her doctor changed her medications and added high-dose Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D3. 

Third scan was the charm
Two years after her stent, Lisa got her third EBT heart scan. This time, her calcium score had lowered by 2%! Lisa’s risk for coronary disease was now relatively equal to that of someone with a calcium score of zero. The crucial lesson to learn here is that Lisa and her doctor did not rely solely on mere lab results and national guidelines to assess Lisa’s progress. They repeated EBT scans. They were aggressive in monitoring Lisa’s progress and tailoring treatment to Lisa’s individual needs and response to her individualized treatment. 

People my mom’s age grew up putting all their trust in doctors, scientists, and even the government. My mom gets really angry at me when I say that her doctors aren’t managing her health, but rather just treating the consequences of poor health. For many with her mindset, they just have to see the changes firsthand. Then, like her, they may feel quite betrayed when they realize if someone had just told them years ago, their lives might have been quite different.


Year-over-year CAC score charts


no calcium, low chance of heart attack


moderate plaque deposits, relatively high risk of heart attack over the next 3-5 years


very high to severe disease and heart attack risk

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At Cruxpoint, our mission is to halt and reverse heart disease for millions of Americans. With accurate assessments paired with proven protocols, we have a 20-year track record of interventions that work and bring freedom from the fear of heart disease & heart attack.