Welcome to the First Heart Scan Free Program


Scheduling your heart scan

Required: Please fill out the following information to participate. This will tell us important information about your qualification and whether or not it’s necessary to add the lung scan.

If yes, please fill out the information in the next column for your partner or spouse. We find it's important to get both partners involved when it comes to making any lifestyle changes. For more information, see the FAQs.

Now for your spouse or partner, if applicable.

We’ll give you a call to schedule your free scan appointment. 

If you don’t hear from us within three days, please give us a call at 720-766-7166.

When we talk, we’ll tell you which forms of the two forms you need to fill out. You can find them right here. You must print and fully complete the forms you’ll need and bring them with you to your scan appointment. Scheduling is tight, so if you don’t have completed papers you could lose your appointment slot.

Your free scan will be at:

Front Range Preventive Imaging
2880 Folsom, Suite 100
Boulder, CO  80304

What to expect from your first EBT scan

An EBT scan couldn’t be easier. Simply lie down on a table, fully clothed, and hold your breath for a couple seconds. That’s all there is to it! Here are some of the benefits of the EBT scan:

  • Proven to be the most accurate way to assess heart disease
  • It’s exquisitely fast, able to take pictures of your heart between beats
  • EBT heart scans have greater precision than other heart scans performed on a conventional CAT multi-slice scanner
  • Has very low radiation – same as a mammogram
  • No fasting, no dyes
  • Good news: The EBT scanner is not claustrophobic! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember: Heart disease is optional. A baseline heart scan shows your degree of heart disease. Subsequent heart scans will show progression. With 1 in 3 Americans dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease and millions more living with a lowered quality of life, measuring your heart health status is the first step towards changing it.

Doctors recommend a baseline heart scan for women 50+ and men 40+. In fact, women are 7x more likely to die from heart disease than from breast cancer! Most heart attacks actually occur in people with “normal” cholesterol, and stress tests miss most people at risk for heart attacks. The EBT heart scan is the best way to measure cardiovascular disease.

  • You must be at least 40 years old (men) or 50 years old (women) or have a strong family history of heart disease
  • You must weigh under 300 pounds
  • You must include your spouse or partner. If they’re eligible, they must do the scan too. Both of you must attend the appointment to review results.
  • Please bring your paperwork (see below) completely filled out for both parties

First, we want couples to have a shared understanding of the results of the scans. Second, because these are truly quality of life issues, we believe that decisions about “What should we do?” are best made by couples deciding together. Third, success will come from couples being committed together. We have found that success is lower when only one person in the couple understands, makes the decisions, and commits to the protocols. This is a journey of loving and supporting each other. So the First Heart Scan Free Program is only available to those who do it together.

We provide this baseline EBT heart scan at zero cost to you or your employer. We have negotiated a reduced rate with Front Range Preventive Imaging, which we pay. We are on a mission to eliminate unnecessary death and ill health from heart disease. The value of the scan is $395. 

We provide the first scan free because we want people to be aware and knowledgeable. About half of those who get a scan will show heart disease. If your scan shows plaque in your coronary arteries, we will present options for halting and even reversing cardiovascular disease. Of most importance is reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke. Our protocols work, and we have 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year packages of scans and protocols that you can consider. You will be offered an approach that is superior to standard heart disease management.

At this time, the First Heart Scan Free Program is only available through our corporate partners. Talk to us if you know an employer who would benefit from participating.

This offer is available through the end of 2020.

Getting your results

Once you’ve done your scan, we’ll give you a call within 5-7 days to let you know your results are ready and schedule a time for you to come in to the Cruxpoint offices. We’ll walk you through your results and present options should you wish to take action to control your heart health.

Plan for a 1-hour appointment. It’s required that your spouse or life partner take part in the appointment. We’ll explain at the time why we consider this so important – see the FAQs for more information. 

Your post-scan appointment will be at:

The Cruxpoint Offices
3825 Iris Ave., Suite #100
Boulder, CO  80301

About Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough, Inc.

Cruxpoint’s mission is to halt and reverse heart disease for millions of Americans. Our innovative treatment protocols are built on the most current research, best practices, and clinical data accumulated over 20 years. We partner with employers to reach America’s workforce to halt the progression of this deadly disease.