We partner with employers to halt the progression of this deadly, costly disease in America’s workforce

You’re invited to participate in our
First Heart Scan Free Program

One of the greatest gifts you can give your employees is freedom from the fear of heart disease and heart attack.

A baseline EBT scan (the gold standard of coronary imaging) will give your employees – and their spouses – an accurate measure of their heart health. If needed, we offer the protocols and services to stop the progression of heart disease. There is no cost and no obligation on your part to participate in the First Heart Scan Free Program.


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We deal successfully in more than just heart disease.

You see it. You know it. You pay for it. The American workforce is sicker than ever before. In fact, we are facing an epidemic of chronic, non-communicable disease. And we’re on a mission to stop or reverse expensive disease patterns, restore health and vitality, and prevent expensive disease catastrophes. 

About Cruxpoint Heart Health Breakthrough

Cruxpoint’s mission is to halt and reverse heart disease for millions of Americans. Our innovative treatment protocols are built on the most current research, best practices, and clinical data accumulated over 20 years. We partner with employers to reach America’s workforce to halt the progression of this deadly disease.