You don’t want another prescription.

You need a breakthrough for life.

The Heart Health Breakthrough Solution

Our proven, powerful program has changed the lives of hundreds of Americans. Once you’ve had your scan and know your results, you can consider solutions. Cruxpoint offers real solutions, not band-aids. For those with coronary calcium scores above zero, we can guarantee results when you participate in our two-year program.

Accurately measure

your degree of heart disease

Stop the progression

of coronary artery disease

Reduce the risk

of heart attack and stroke by 95%


the heart health protocols into your normal living


Heart Health Breakthrough Program

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$ 1,950 plus $250/month for 24 months
  • 24-month personalized program
  • Supplement protocols
  • Biometrics
  • Progress tracking
  • Ongoing education and prevention recommendations
  • -
  • 10% discount when paid up front (save $795) = $7155


$ 2,350 plus $295/month for 24 months
  • For couples completing the program together.
  • Recommended for anyone in a committed relationship.
  • -
  • 10% discount when paid up front (save $943) = $8487

Reduce inflammation

Conquer chronic conditions

Lose weight

Lower the risk of dementia

Reduce risk factors for cancer

Sleep better

You can know your risk.

And you can do something about it. And when you do something about it, your whole body and being benefits. After all, the heart is truly the crux of your health. When you live in such a way as to support your heart in its  115,000 daily life-giving beats, a whole host of benefits follows. 

Services and resources include:

Lifestyle education and coaching on:


Are you ready for a breakthrough in your heart health?

About Cruxpoint Heart Health Breakthrough

Cruxpoint’s mission is to halt and reverse heart disease for millions of Americans. Our innovative treatment protocols are built on the most current research, best practices, and clinical data accumulated over 20 years. We partner with employers to reach America’s workforce to halt the progression of this deadly disease.