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60% of Americans are living with at least one chronic disease. We say it's time to get better. If you're ready to reclaim your health, vitality, and quality of life, it all starts here. It's time for breakthrough.


What is The Breakthrough Seminar?

This four-day seminar unmasks the processes that lead to chronic disease. Using The Cruxpoint MethodTM, Gary V. Koyen, PhD and his team will equip and empower you with the tools, resources, and support you need to take ownership of your health and lifestyle so you can live a life of vitality and fulfillment now.

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Join Dr. Gary V. Koyen, Ph.D., and the Cruxpoint team in Boulder for an evening of explanation, demonstrations, and Q&A about The Breakthrough Seminar.
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Chronic conditions include:

Heart disease, hypertension, risk of stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, MS, fibromyalgia, celiac, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, frailty, dementia, asthma, eczema, allergies, GERD/reflux, constipation, brain fog, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, emotional reactivity, mystery diseases (Lyme, West Nile, mold toxicity…), food sensitivities, and more.

The Cruxpoint MethodTM

Chronic disease is the new normal. "Normal" now means being tired, stressed, sick, soft, and overweight.

“Normal” is no way to live.

The Cruxpoint Method "unwinds" disease and restores health and vitality. It's not a fad, not a hack – it's about addressing root causes and making the lifestyle changes you need to live a long, happy, fulfilling life.

If you're honest-to-God ready to reclaim your vitality and commit to a process of living that actually sustains results, this seminar will show you the way.

Prepare to:

  • Reframe how you think about illness and quality of life
  • Reverse chronic diseases and vitality-sapping conditions
  • Build a higher-quality life

There’s no end to denial, complacency, indifference, rationalizations, and excuses.

Are your vitality and quality of life worth the effort?

Reserve a seat and begin your journey to breakthrough.

Speakers. Leaders. Guides.

Leading from over 40 years of experience producing fast, dramatic, and durable change.

Dr. Gary V. Koyen, Ph.D.

Founder & Breakthrough Specialist


Since 1985, Gary V. Koyen, PhD has delivered breakthrough consulting to more than 150,000 people in Fortune 500 businesses and as an international consultant. His compassionate and provocative leadership paired with his commitment to personal responsibility give him the remarkably effective ability to help people achieve their personal breakthroughs. Gary is the visionary behind The Cruxpoint Method™, a genuine solution that enables people to take personal responsibility for their health, vitality, and quality of life and address the lifestyle choices that drive chronic disease.

Dr. Lee Rice, D.O.

CEO & Medical Director

Lifewellness Institute

Lee Rice is a premier medical expert on wellness with 30+ years of experience as a family and sports medicine physician. He has served as the team physician for the San Diego Chargers (among other teams) and the USA Olympic volleyball team. Lee is the co-founder of the Sports Medicine Association, the founder & CEO of Lifewellness Institute, and leads the Cruxpoint medical advisory board.

Dr. William Blanchet, M.D.

Owner / Medical Director

Front Range Preventive Imaging

Dr. Bill Blanchet is a well-known and respected member of the Colorado medical community. Dr. Blanchet has made it his mission to study heart disease and work to prevent unnecessary death and disability from this preventable disease. He is an advocate and national keynote speaker on the early detection and prevention of disease, most notably heart disease, lung cancer, and colon cancer. Dr. Blanchet combines a wonderful, kind approach with keen intellectual abilities, and his patients benefit from his willingness to take the time necessary to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions.

Dr. Patricia Henry, D.C.

Director of Chiropractic

Optimal Longevity, LLC

Dr. Pat Henry brings 25 years of experience and ongoing education in the realm of functional and anti-aging medicine. For the last 20 years she has focused specifically on the direct application of nutrition, functional medicine and anti-aging lifestyle strategies, currently through Optimal Longevity, LLC. She also holds a Brain Fitness certification from the A4M. She is trained in the Bredesen Protocol from MPI and has completed extensive coursework in functional endocrinology, neurology, thyroid, and blood chemistry. As a former national level physique competitor, Pat incorporates over 30 years of experience in exercise and nutrition geared toward building and maintaining a lean, healthy body composition while promoting fat burning, a cornerstone to healthy longevity.

Dr. Eric Dorninger, RND, LAC

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist

Roots & Branches Integrative Health Care

After years of seeing frustrated patients with mediocre results, Dr. Dorninger revolutionized his practice of medicine by shifting away from “band-aid” treatments that cover up symptoms. His integrative practice in Boulder, CO focuses on a thorough initial intake and lab evaluation in order to formulate a sincere diagnosis of the deeper, underlying causes.

Dr. Gerry Schmidt, PhD

Lead Psychologist


Gerry Schmidt, PhD is a master therapist, transformational coach, health consultant, and speaker on the subjects of resiliency, trauma, and rapid transformational change. He has been a partner with Gary Koyen in bringing intensive, high-impact change processes to corporate America, and has provided breakthrough therapy to thousands of individuals. His relaxed style and extensive experience bring depth, maturity, and leadership to the Cruxpoint team.

James Newton


Newton Learning

James Newton, founder-owner of Newton Learning in California, is a nationally known consultant, facilitator, and trainer with over 25 years of experience. He brings a unique blend of insight and business acumen to the topics of accountability, change, visionary thinking, and leadership. A sought-after keynote speaker, he is acknowledged by the CEO community as a highly influential and transformational executive coach and strategist.

Dr. David Buchler, M.D.

Certified Personal Trainer

Dr. Buchler was board-certified in foot and ankle surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons for 19 years until an automobile accident resulted in a severe neck injury, ending his career in medicine and surgery. He then turned his focus to his life-long passion: the fitness industry. Now, Dave designs and directly supervises exercise programs for clients with post surgical, post injury, or specialized medical conditions, but also enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels who just want a safe, technique-based approach to exercise and fitness.

Mark Saunders, MA

Director of Client and Community Relations


Mark Saunders is a professional writer and editor, marketer (including as the Director of Public Relations for the Colorado Rapids), a college English instructor of 13 years, and health coach. He’s also a living example that Cruxpoint’s programs work, having defeated early stage prostrate cancer through lifestyle intervention. An avid hiker, skier, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast, most mornings you can find Mark and his Brazilian rescue dog, Bianca, on the trails above Boulder, Colorado.

Jenny Perry, ACSM

Certified Exercise Physiologist


Jenny Perry is an expert at creating exercise prescriptions for those with medically controlled diseases and illnesses. Her fun and sweat-inducing workouts help build strength for people fighting disease, disability, and fatigue. As a trainer and Breakthrough Coach for Cruxpoint, Jenny has an insightful view of the deep and empathetic connection needed to assist clients in reaching their goals.


“You cannot transform your health and vitality without first transforming how you live. You won’t transform how you live without first transforming yourself.”

Gary V. Koyen, PhD

Listen to Dr. Gary V. Koyen and Jimmy Lakey of KCOL AM 600 Denver, Colorado discuss chronic disease.

4 days to breakthrough

Join us for four days of transformational content, delivered by a team that goes all-in to lead you to the other side. You'll be engaged through group sessions, assessments, tools, and resources developed from over 40 years of experience and proven to get results. Click any day to preview some of the topics.

  1. 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM : Day 1: Rejecting the "New Normal"
    • The “New Normal”: Premature and unnecessary misery, disease, and death
    • Living a life of purpose, meaning, and commitment
    • Profound personal responsibility: Part 1
    • Living awake vs. sleepwalking through life
    • The Big Six: Essentials for health, vitality, and quality of life
    • Diet wars
    • What’s really behind cardiovascular disease
  2. 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM : Day 2: Building a high-quality life
    • Engine warning lights
    • Living a life of commitment in a community of commitment
    • The health and medical sickcare system
    • The truth about chronic diseases
    • Physical competence
    • Profound personal responsibility: Part 2
    • Claiming your personal power in life
    • The Cruxpoint 45-Day Breakthrough Diet
    • Character is everything
    • The biochemistry of modern living
    • High stress, low rest
    • Choosing your path to your life, Part 1
  3. 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM : Day 3: Facing your breakthrough challenge
    • The “No B.S.” model of how life actually works
    • Living and finishing life contended and fulfilled
    • The truth about obesity and being overweight
    • Goals and processes for success
    • Building your personal health breakthrough community
    • The truth about autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases
    • Finding your path to your life: Part 2
    • Legitimate pride
    • Sleepwalking vs. living mindfully
  4. 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM : Day 4: Aspire and commit
    • Being certain of success
    • Harnessing intention
    • The very big and very unnecessary killer
    • The truth about heart disease
    • Your strategy, roadmap, and plan
    • Re-entry preparation
    • “My Sanctuary”
    • Closing


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Many of these clients began their journey with The Breakthrough Seminar, then joined one of our programs or did the 45-Day Breakthrough Diet on their own. The results reflect their commitment combined with the power of being informed and enabled to take control of their lifestyle.

When I heard about Cruxpoint, I hesitated to join in the first session and missed the opportunity. But then a second session was being held and knew I should give it a shot. I’m so grateful I did. Attending the session made me realize that I’ve been doing it wrong all along. What I was eating was not helping me but hindering me. I decided that I would do the 45-day Breakthrough Diet ... By day 10, my body started looking different, my energy level increased, my attitude was changing as well. By day 44, I was a completely changed person. My clothes were looser, my energy level was out of control, and my attitude did a complete 180 ... We have continued on this journey sticking as close to "clean eating" as we possibly can. And that’s how I like to refer to it: a journey and a lifestyle change… not a diet.

— JS

I've been diagnosed with/medicated for:

- Undifferentiated connective tissue disease: Hydroxychloriquine / 400 mg/day
- Fibromyalgia: Naproxen / 500mg 2x daily
- Raynaulds
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Fiber (which I didn't take)
- Depression/Anxiety: various meds, Lexapro / 20mg, and Ativan (as needed)
- Insomnia: Ambien / 12.5 + 5mg
- Migraines: migraine cocktails in the ER if I can't get it under control at home.

But... I'm off everything now by eating healthy. I feel pretty good except for some joint pain at times. I'm not taking anything now except Vitamin D and a multivitamin.

— G

Why I’m writing is for the unexpected benefit that I really didn’t believe would happen. I’ve been on 2 blood pressure meds since I was 45. I’m currently 55. I do not handle any medication well so I’ve felt like crap for 10 years. My two biggest issues were the one medication causes muscle weakness and extreme fatigue. Getting out of bed was an effort every day, let alone trying to do any kind of exercise.

I slowly weaned myself off the first and then the second medication… I’m happy to say that my bp is 117 over 79 or 80 WITHOUT medication and I feel AMAZING! I can’t even describe what it feels like to get out of bed and feel rested and to have some energy! Or to lift up my arms or legs without feeling like they weigh a thousand pounds!

I have to be honest and say that I was the most skeptical person ever. I didn’t even think I would lose weight and if I hadn’t lost 8 pounds the first week (more than I ever did before) I’m not sure I would have continued. BUT, I did lose those 8 pounds and while that has slowed way down, the fact that I’m off my medications is what is driving me now.

I want to just say thank you very much for introducing this… you have changed my life! You are doing a very good thing.

— KP, 55 year old female

I want to tell you how much your support has meant to me. I look to you as a powerhouse of GRIT and intelligence. I also feel you have an extremely caring nature.

— MJ

I attended my first HB seminar in December of 2014. I learned about inflammation, and how food affects inflammation in the body. WOW that’s me… an inflammatory bowel disease.

… I stopped my medication towards the end of March after I became symptom free. It is now June 25, 2015 and I have a mild occasional flare when I do something stupid, like drink 2 beers instead of having just one or eat too much fiber.

Something I noticed after just 3-4 weeks on the 45 Day Challenge were that my joints used to hurt and now they don’t. I didn’t really give it much thought until the pain went away. Every morning while walking down the stairs I used to notice my ankles were stiff and a little achy. I also noticed throughout the day a slight achy shoulder pain. Well those are gone now.

I also used to suffer from migraines, have not had one since. I hope I am not jinxing myself here.

In addition I read a blog in March that discussed following a Cruxpoint-type diet would reduce or eliminate seasonal allergies. I thought to myself, yeah right! I am here to report that I used to suffer from seasonal allergies. I did not even start to take my medicine this spring. I said to myself “we will see” well guess what... WE SEE no allergies!!

SO this is how I live my life now.

— MJ


Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough Programs, Inc.

3825 Iris Ave #100 | Boulder, CO 80301

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